It's a lead magnet, not a website.

You hired an agency to make a website for you. That's amazing! But what then? Is it secure, is it structured well enough to survive an increase in traffic or new customers, and did you choose the correct infrastructure?

We started Integraticus to make sure your website is not just treated like any website, but as a framework that enables you to grow and focus on the real things of your business, and not fixing bugs and performance issues.

Lower bounce rate for website visitors on average
Average increase in conversion rates

How we can help

Whether you are just conceptualizing a new website, or you already have an existing one in place, we are able to optimize your setup at any stage.

Structural setup

Evaluate, validate, and implement proven concepts to prepare your web setup for traffic, lead generation, and scalability up to an enterprise level.

Strategy Development

We analyze your web presence and implement strategies to make your site future-proof, from simple performance adjustments to high-end process automation.


Monitor and optimize your existing setup to make sure everything is running at peak performance while you can focus on the important parts of your business.

Why we are different.

Because we are specialized in the base structure of web projects. You would not want someone to build a house without ensuring a solid foundation first, would you?

Other agencies

Your best bet is Web Design Agencies that bundle websites with simple and mostly inefficient hosting. And that's it.

Offers simple hosting

Uses caching plugins

Optimizes pictures

We start with the foundation of your project and not the website, making sure nothing is left out that could be optimized.

Strategy development

Domain setup + optimizations

Email setup + optimization

Web server setup + optimization

Website setup/migration

Website + CRM optimization

Performance strategy implementation


We are proud to show numbers.

WP Webhooks
WP Webhooks is a WordPress plugin allowing users to create automated workflows. Together with us, they implemented various programmatic SEO methods to automatically generate helpful and user-relevant content that is published in a 100% automated manner.
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