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Transforming Coaching Business Websites: Impact School’s Success Story

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What we did

The insights of what happened behind the scenes for Impact School.

Complete website revamp

We took the initial project content and used it as a base to rebuild a completely new website based on our optimized frameworks and strategies.

SEO Optimization

We used our SEO methods to connect technical SEO and content effectively, making sure search engines can easily list the content, and kept all backlinks from the old website unchanged.

Implementation of our secondary website layer

We added our unique extra layer to the website, improving its speed, safety, privacy, and making it follow GDPR and CCPA rules. This complete optimization helps get the best results and is a service only we provide.

Continuous maintenance

Moreover, we set up systems to regularly check the website's health, using a range of statistics to avoid any issues that could limit your site's availability. We also keep track of key details such as the number of active users, to keep you updated. In addition, we will run monthly reports on your SEO performance to confirm that your content is working as it should.

Our journey with Impact School, a top-tier coaching business, was an exciting ride. In a swift span of just two weeks, we crafted a high-quality, fully-optimized website for them. The speed of our delivery, matched with a whopping 200% boost in visitor numbers and a 40% decrease in bounce rate, clearly showcases how our dedicated and focused methods pay off.

The landing page of the impact school website
The Impact School landing page

The strides we made alongside Impact School serve as a perfect example of the impact our website design and optimization services can have on your business. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we shape strategies that are custom-made to meet your specific needs. By joining hands with us, you too can enhance your online visibility and broaden your business horizons, just like Impact School did.

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